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Are you looking for professional and practical experience working with kids?  If so, you should consider joining our summer staff! We are always on the lookout for dynamic and outgoing staff to join our team.

We seek outgoing, personable staff who are committed and dedicated to impacting the lives of all campers.​

We seek individuals willing to be silly, full of energy, and who love what the magic of camp can mean to kids.  If you think you have a dynamic and outgoing personality, a passion for impacting the lives of kids and want to enjoy a rewarding summer of fun in the sun, then maybe you are the type of hero we’re looking for to join our talented team!

We are currently accepting applications for:

   LEAD COUNSELORS.  Lead Counselors should be at least 18 years of age.  We prefer applicants to be in college and the ideal candidate is an Education major.  The full summer camp season is 9-weeks, however, week 1 does not require a full staff (June 10-14, 2024).  Lead counselors cannot miss the start or end of the major summer camp season (the week of June 17 or August 5).  Lead counselors may not miss more than 5 days of the camp season.

   ACTIVITY LEADERS-Our Activity Leaders are those who facilitate the games & activities.  They should be at least 20 years of age and prefer those who are already teaching or who are very close to it.  A good knowledge of general games & sports is helpful but our Activity Playbook has all the rules and guidelines that make it easy to follow.

     CREATIONS ACTIVITY LEADER- Creations is our Arts & Crafts.  We seek an individual who is at least 20 years of age who is crafty, creative, and loves to teach children.  We do have a catalog of ideas and we encourage these leaders to try their own creative ideas as well.  

Contact Executive Director Steve Haines at 267-261-4098 to apply.


We Seek those who aspire to inspire:

Our leadership development program (A2I- Aspire To Inspire) seeks leaders with a growth mindset who challenge themselves to be strong, positive mentors and who are willing to take instruction and be team players.  If that sounds like you, then here are some position possibilities:

Counselors in Training (CITs)
This is an unpaid position but an essential starting point for those young leaders looking to develop their leadership skills in a work environment where they will receive timely and constructive feedback.  CITs are treated like an employee as they observe and develop key leadership characteristics in working with kids.  A CIT must be 14 years old by May of the year they want to begin work.  This year of volunteer service looks great on your emerging resume of service.  Click here to read a full description of the A2I leadership development program.


Junior Counselors (JCs)
Typically these are matriculating CITs and usually 15 or 16 years old.  The JC receives a small stipend for this position and therefore all JCs will need working papers.  As an employee, JCs are an integral part of the camper leadership along with 
the groups' lead counselor.  Like all employees, we do expect JCs to attend all 8 weeks of camp. Click
here to read a full description of the A2I leadership development program.


Associate Counselors (ACs)
Typically these are matriculating JCs and usually 16 or 17 years old. An AC does earn a small bi-weekly stipend for their efforts.  As an employee, ACs are essential especially when Counselors are out sick.  Like all employees, we do expect ACs to attend all 8 weeks of camp.  Click
here to read a full description of the A2I leadership development program.



For those considering future work with children or teaching profession, there is no better experience builder than serving as a lead counselor!  Build your resume with practical experience under the guidance of career educators.  You won't regret it!  The job is fun, full of sunshine, and lots of love for and from children!  Counselors are most often 18 years or older.  Counselors are the primary group leader and therefore must exude good decision making, maturity and demonstrate continual high energy and enthusiasm.  Not only do they lead the campers but also serve as valuable mentors to those younger leaders who will assist the lead counselor.  To be a counselor requires high energy as it is expected that all counselors be fully engaged and active in all camper related activities.    Summer salary commensurate with experience.  Click here for application to be a hero.


Activity Leaders (AL)
These are most often career teachers or those in college who may be close to graduating.  We prefer candidates who are elementary or secondary education majors or Physical Education majors.  However, if you feel you are a great fit for our camp, we encourage you to apply.  Summer salary commensurate with experience.


To apply, Download and Complete the application and submit with a recent digital photo to Steve Haines, Executive Director,

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