Meet The Director

A unique summer day camp program for children, ages 6-18, who have social
skill deficits such as High Functioning Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome.


Expressions is a unique recreational summer day camp program designed to empower socially through camp!  At Expressions, we celebrate individual uniqueness yet learn to blend together as a group of campers.  We seek to meet the needs of children, ages 6-18, who have different types of social skill challenges such as High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and PDD-NOS or just for those who feel they need a little more social confidence with their peers. Expressions at Big Oak Day Camp is a welcoming community where your child can safely enjoy a fun summer camp experience while improving and practicing his or her social skills through carefully selected interactions with typical peers.  Expressions Day Camp is a safe place to express oneself!

CLICK HERE To meet our amazing lead counselors who will help your child SHINE this summer!  Video welcome links included


Expressions provides a much-needed program for the specific needs of our campers. We seek to meet each child at the level of their development and build a scaffolding of support through relational based strategies including levels of engagement, problem-solving and representational play. In addition to a program full of age-appropriate games and activities, Expressions will incorporate activities designed to develop skills in the following areas: conversation, team-building, non-verbal communication, anger management, frustration tolerance, friendship making, problem-solving, emotional development & opportunities for personal creativity.

Other activities in this camp program will include arts and crafts, movement and dance, yoga, swimming, Virtual Reality gaming, nature, team challenge activities, hiking, drama, stream exploration, gameplay, and more.


Coexisting with COVID: We have operated full 9-week summers in both 2020 and 2021 without a single case of the virus among campers or staff!  Whereas it is impossible to operate or isolate in a bubble, we do our best to mitigate the risk while still enjoying all that summer camp offers.  Like last summer, we expect the majority of the staff will have been vaccinated.  Campers (or staff) wear a mask if they so choose.  We DISCOURAGE masks during water activities and during indoor or outdoor activities that involve running and increased levels of perspiration. 

For those wishing to register, we require an interview with the director- Debbie Kirk.  Please complete and submit the following documentation and THEN schedule an appointment with her. 

Her email is:

1. Please email a copy of the current IEP -please just limit submitted pages that include the goals.

2. Behavioral Expectations  (click, open, save, and complete)

3. Permission To Exchange Information  (click, open, save, and complete)

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Sending Tina to the Expressions Camp is probably the best thing I have ever been able to do for my daughter. She came to Expressions in its first year, she had just turned 13. She has had a wonderful summer camp experience – something we didn’t think was possible before.
~ Kathy (parent)

Sending Tina to the Expressions Camp is probably the best thing I have ever been able to do for my daughter. She came to Expressions in its first year, she had just turned 13. She has had a wonderful summer camp experience – something we didn’t think was possible before.
~ Kathy (parent)

Jackson loves attending your camp and I’m thrilled that you were able to extend his Expressions Camp to 8 weeks.  The reason we come back year after year is because of the positive experiences he has at camp and the wonderful staff you attract.  Thank you for caring so much about our children and finding ways to help them love their summer!   -AMY

-Jackson's Mom


Meet the Director

Debbie Kirk, Director 
Phone: 267-992-4383

Expressions Day Camp Director-  Debbie has been a teacher in the Philadelphia School District for more than 20 years, where she brings her energy, passion, and professionalism to the classroom and to those she meets. Debbie's talents were noticed when Steve hired her to serve as a counselor, and was soon promoted to Lower Camp coordinator, when he ran the George School Day Camp. This is her 12th year with Camp Concepts and her 7th year leading Expressions Day Camp. Debbie loves camp and after even a short conversation with her, you will too! Debbie is married and mother to Adam. Debbie is the director of our camp for kids who need social skill strengthening called Expressions Day Camp that also takes place on our Big Oak campus.  Debbie has also led the camper group to China in the summer and fall of 2019 and can’t wait to go again. 

Meet the Assistant Director

Rachel Teter 
Phone: 215-272-3211

Expressions Assistant Director- Rachel has been working with Expressions campers for 10 years.  During her time with us, she has served in many key roles and is now serving as Assistant Director.  Currently, in the off-season,  she is teaching-learning support in an area private school.  Rachel graduated from Millersville University with a dual degree in Early Childhood and Special Education and has earned her master's degree in Literacy.   She is recently engaged and planning a wedding! Among the many things she loves about camp is watching friendships bloom between campers.  


Expressions Day Camp Dates & Rates


Junior & Teen

Camp Program

Age 6-18 Years Old

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Expressions Day Camp Rates

June 20-August 13, 2022 (8 available weeks)


Early Bird- Weekly rate until March 31, 2022         $475

Regular Tuition Weekly rate as of April 1 :              $485

Late to the party rates as of May 1:                          $495

Fantastic Fridays:                                     $110 per Friday  after May 1: $120

    If your child's ESY operates less than 4 days a week, we can extend the 'Fantastic Friday' model to other days of the week.


* The $25 registration fee assessed, and a $5.95 online processing fee (once per family) when you sign up for your first camp program, entitles each registrant to receive a camp T-shirt.    Registering after May 1st incurs a $50 registration fee and a $5.95 online processing fee.


Our program runs 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Lunch is included - Campers are treated to a nutritious fresh lunch prepared on site.  Campers may select from one of two main entree items.  Additional choices include a fresh salad bar, fruit, yogurt, or deli sandwiches.  We do our best to accommodate dietary needs and allergies.  Please discuss with the director prior to the start of camp. 


Deposit: Our system will require a minimum 10% deposit to secure your registration for your child’s place at camp. The first $200 PER CAMPER plus the registration fee and online registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE. There are no exceptions to this policy unless camp were ordered to be closed.  If the non-refundable threshold ($200 per camper) has not been met with initial deposit, any balance will be charged to the credit card on file to satisfy the non-refundable fees.

Our location, Campus Tour & Information Session

We lease the 20-acre campus of St. John The Evangelist.  The campus rental includes the air conditioned gymnasium, large stage, the two-story school building that includes the cafeteria, and the spacious playing fields behind the gym.  St. John's is an active church campus. Interested families should feel free to drive through the campus to get a sense of the space and location.  


Are you a new family?  Please contact Linda Schloo before registering.  Call 215-285-2537 or email her at

Fantastic Fridays

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Many of our campers qualify for ESY through their school district. In most cases, ESY programs are not 5 days long. We offer a unique opportunity to still enjoy camp on FANTASTIC FRIDAYS (or others days according to your ESY) This way your child can still gain valuable social skills strengthening when not involved in ESY.

You can sign up for 2 or more Fantastic Fridays for only $110 each day (includes lunch) or you can save by signing up for all 8.  Click for PDF.   Send the PDF to someone you think may also benefit from the camp.

For those who sign up for Fantastic Fridays and then want to add full weeks after the completion of ESY, you may do so.  If interested in signing up, please contact Account Services Manager, Linda Schloo, at 215-285-2537 or

Are you a new family?  Please contact Linda Schloo before registering.  Call 215-285-2537 or email her at

Extended Care

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Extended daycare is available until 5:30 p.m. for an additional fee of $75 per week.  Morning extended can be arranged as early as 7 A.M. with prior approval.


Extended care activities vary from day-to-day. Snack is included.


For your convenience, extended care can be arranged on an as-needed basis for $25 per day.


To add this service, please contact Account Services Manager, Linda Schloo at 215-285-2537 or email   

Are you a new family?  Please contact Linda Schloo before registering.  Call 215-285-2537 or email her at