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How does it feel? WONDERFUL!!

The past months of quarantine and social restrictions have created social anxiety and insecurity in many people. Students were removed from their network of friends which is part of their integral social and emotional support system. Camps now step into the restorative role of heroes as we help our campers regain comfort and trust to gather again. "This is the happiest I have seen my child in the past 4 months!" says it all. I believe the wave of social & emotional trauma is a wave that has yet to reach the shore because we are wired to connect with others, not socially distance from one another.

This past Monday was the first social gathering that many of our campers have had in quite a while. It was magical to watch as we carefully crafted activities to help them readjust and reacclimate to the idea of 'social distancing together' again. As a camp, we embrace the challenge set before us. We did not ask to be the new heroes of this crazy thing but we do so because we beleive in the power of the camp community in the social & emotional lives of our children.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 01, 2020

You guys may have not asked to be heroes - but you truly, truly are!! Children need to play - as seen in any crisis in human history. God Bless every single one of you!

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