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China & US relations: camp does what government cannot.

The China/US relations that you might read about in the newspapers seems silly when you consider that 14 students and some wonderful American host families seemingly conquered all barriers to prove that love can truly change the world! Big Oak was happy to welcome 14 Chinese students to the US for a 3-week immersion program run by Camp Concepts called HORIZONS USA. Having run this camp for more than 12 years now, HORIZONS USA provides a fun English language immersion camp experience for Chinese students as well as a great cultural experience for our American campers.

The 8-day host family experience is such a highlight for these Chinese students. To experience typical American life is something they are quite interested in. Thank you to all the families who opened their homes and hearts to provide these campers with a life-changing experience. We believe camp is about M & M Moments (Memorable and Meaningful Moments) and this will certainly be something that they will never forget! Big Oak has a BIG heart and we thank all in the community for making our Chinese guests feel welcomed.

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