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Big Oak Day Camp is going to CHINA!

We have been welcoming Chinese campers to our summer programs for more than 12 years now. HORIZONS USA is a fantastic international immersion & travel opportunity for our Chinese campers. This year, we are opening this same amazing experience for our Big Oak campers, ages 10-14, to experience camp in CHINA!

In addition to owning & running Camp Concepts, I also have been doing international education consulting, speaking, and teacher training in China for over 10 years under my Advantage-USA business entity. Specifically, one of the groups I have worked with for many years (OneWorld Education – GYAP -Global Youth Ambassador Project) is sponsoring this opportunity for our campers to serve as global youth ambassadors. Last summer I formed and sent a group of high school and college students to participate in a GYAP summer camp in Changzhou. I will also be sending a group of 6-8th graders this spring to Beijing and am excited to offer a chance for our Big Oak campers to have a life-changing trip to China this summer. The proposed trip dates are Friday, August 2 to Sunday, August 11th.

The 10-day camp experience will allow our campers the opportunity to experience the fun of summer camp while also learning about Chinese culture and history. The camp will take place in Beijing (amazing city) and is full of fun games & activities as well as STEM learning, drama activities, Chinese culture class, Kungfu, tea culture and more. Our campers will be with same age Chinese campers building memories and relationships all along the way. These camps are in an English-speaking format with plenty of bilingual help available.

Whereas the itinerary focuses on the learning and fun of camp, there is also a special extended tour planned so that the campers can walk on the Great Wall of China, shop at the Silk Market, walk the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. It will make their world history class come alive!

COST: OneWorld Education is offering the camp experience for FREE! This includes lodging, airport pick up and drop off in China, meals during the camp, and all associated activities. The estimated cost includes round trip airfare and the additional cultural and historical tour sites mentioned above. It also includes the required tourist visa (which we will assist in the visa application process). We estimate the total cost of this trip to be about $1,900 USD. A current US passport is required and there must be at least 6 months remaining on the passport from August 11, 2019. (so must be valid through February 2020) *estimate cost is only cost of international flight, BJ city tour, and visa. If we can get the flight for less, your cost will be less. $170 visa, $200 for extra tour, flight $1,530. Last summer, flight cost was $1,350.

We will send adult chaperone(s) on this trip. They will stay with the campers at all times. We will also have a bilingual GYAP staff member assigned to be with our group at all times as well. I am planning on arriving on Monday, Aug 5 and will return with the group on August 11th.

I find many parents are nervous about the China they do not know. I have been to China more than 15 times and have truthfully felt safer in China than in many big cities in the US. The Chinese people have always been friendly, inviting, and kind. I sent my daughter for 5-weeks back in 2012 and my youngest daughter last summer to the camp. I am confident this will be an experience that will be truly amazing for your child as well.

Because they only reserve 20 foreign student spaces. They also invite students from England, Australia, New Zealand and the US. My goal is 5-8 campers this summer. To reserve space in this camp we must have an RSVP date of February 11th. A non-refundable deposit of $170 will be due to RSVP. The balance of the money will be required when the airline tickets are purchased.

If you are interested in your child attending this trip, email me directly: You may call me directly with any questions: 267-261-4098.

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