Big Oak Day Camp is a summer day camp owned and operated by career teachers that provide programming for children ages 6-14.  The mark of a great summer day camp includes a diverse program of games and activities, an experienced and qualified staff and enthusiastic campers!  Big Oak Day Camp is a Camp Concepts camp.  Since 2003, Camp Concepts has been designing, administrating summer camp programs for kids and has earned a reputation for excellence in Bucks County.  Our difference- we are educator owned and operated and have earned a reputation for creating a strong community environment where each camper is a valued and known member.


Our administrative team has more than 150 years of teaching and camp leadership experience. Our reputation for creating a strong family-like atmosphere for our staff and campers is what helps make a Big Oak summer memorable. Great camp games such as GaGa, Capture the Flag, Jurassic Park, Tchoukball which all come from our experience as Physical Education teachers to expected camp activities such as nature, arts & crafts, dance, drama, stream stomping and more. Your child’s Big Oak experience is about feeling deeply connected in our camp community.

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Camp is about creating memorable and meaningful moments for our campers.  We call these M&M moments!  Because we seek to intentionally manufacture as well as react to these magical moments- they help us create an undeniable culture of community at camp.  The definition of community is “the feeling of fellowship with others as a result of the sharing of common interests, attitudes, and goals.” In our opinion, “Community” is achieved with intentional assimilation of quality ingredients, including creative, innovative and diverse programming, experienced educator-based administrators and staff, supportive families, and of course, enthusiastic and fun-loving campers.  Community is where all individuals combine efforts and unite to make the overall outcome greater than the sum of its parts. We pride ourselves in greeting campers by name and with excitement.


We believe a successful camp program begins with a wide variety of games and activities to create a fun and dynamic program. We believe games and activities provide a foundational base for creating an interactive and fun program for campers.


Our focus is not skill acquisition, but rather putting campers into situations where conversation, communication, and community are promoted and where their self-confidence and personal identity can be strengthened through a positive summer camp experience.


We also believe that diverse programming contains activities that allow campers to be creative, problem-solve, design, collaborate, take risks and develop a greater sense of self-reliance and self-assurance.


We utilize many games and activities that one might find in a good quality PE program. These are games/activities where the greater objective, besides having fun, is how the group works together to accomplish or succeed. We do not shy away from competition, but we seek to keep a healthy balance between the spirit and desire to win, and the reason for, and method of, winning.  Click here to see a clip of our memorable and meaningful moments at camp.


Groupings - We group campers by co-ed cluster age groups.  We have two main divisions: Junior Camp (ages 6-11) and the senior camp (ages 12-14).  Each group has a lead counselor along with a CIT, JC, or/and an AC.  One distinct feature is that when a group goes to a scheduled activity there is an Activity Leader who will facilitates and run the activity.  Most of our Activity Leaders are educators!  This allows our counseling staff to concentrate on camper interaction and having maximum fun. Check out the profile of our amazing counseling staff  heroes who will help your child SHINE in 2021!  (includes welcome video links)   When our 2021 team is assembled we will post their profiles here.            


Senior Camp - Our senior camp (ages 12-14) has an expanded camp program that includes a CHOICE in their schedule selection as well as a very cool Teen Travel program of weekly off-campus trips.  View the proposed schedule below.  Our weekly CURIOSITY SHOPS allow our older campers to select from different CHOICE activities based on their interest or do what their friends are doing. 


COVID: The majority of the staff have been vaccinated.  Campers (or staff)  may choose to wear a maks if they so choose.  We DISCOURAGE masks during water activities and during indoor or outdoor activities that involve running and increased levels of perspiration.


TEEN TRAVEL:  ALL Teen Travel trips are scheduled for Tuesday's unless otherwise noted OR other unforseen factors that may impact the proposed schedule.  We will do our best to notify parents AND campers when the schedule changes. 

We have heard from many campers & parents of the TEENS (12-14) express interest in an expanded travel program option. Each week involves a specific trip destination to a place and activity we think will be an awesome group experience. 


Trip days are Tuesdays. If factors such as weather or other reasons that may arise to interfere, we will use FRIDAY as the make-up day.

 Big Oak Day Camp  2021 Teen Travel Trip Schedule 
Trips/Trip Weeks are subject to change.   TRIPS will be TUESDAY unless schedule changes at Vendor location impacts our choice day

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